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Trädgård är livslust, kreativitet, energi, vila och friskvård.

Gardening is lust of life, creativity, energy, rest and well-being.


Hej! Jag heter Charlotte Andersson och bor i södra norrland.

Här kommer du hitta det mesta som har med trädgård och blommor att göra.


Hi! My name is Charlotte Andersson and I live in the northern part of Sweden.

I love gardens and flowers and here you will find all sorts of things related to a life with a garden.


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Mona’s Ulriksdal

With a sensitive eye for flowers, its colors, and shapes and how together they can be sheer, rustic, pompous, luxury and colorful symphonies. With as a strong sense of how things harmonies with each other and a long experience of creating inspiring environments, her creations are mouthwatering for most. There…

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November, Talks

Frozen leaves and slow steps in November

With slow steps it is easier to see details and changes. See that which suddenly changes to a piece of natural still life from one day to the next. Frozen leaves and petals have a tendency to become autumnal jewels and you have to go slowly forward to find the…

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After frost, slow gardening and healthy by gardening

If the dahlias get to taste the first frost they then change colour after they have thawed out. The ball shaped ones keep the best and most beautifully. Colours are something that spark me and inspiration sometimes comes unexpectedly, like from these frost bitten dahlias. I was filled with joy…

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Bouqets & Decorations, In Season & Plants

Wreath with bulbs

Now when the shops have spring bulbs for sale it is possible to treat yourself with some extras for a wreath or two. I like scilla sibirica, tulips turkestanica and ordinary red onions that all have such beautiful colours. Small ones is easiest to use. To fasten the bulbs on…

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Bouqets & Decorations, In Season & Plants

Moss and flowers

Pots with moss are so clever and beautiful. You can have them with or without detail on. How I did this: First the low pot was filled with soil, I fill so it has a rounded shape on top. Cushion moss was then laid directly on the soil and watered….

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In the garden, October


Finally it came, the first frost. Even if it’s sad, that the frost ends the season in a way, i’ts a beautiful thing too, and I love it. Now the last dahlias have done their time for sure and are going to sleep in paperbags in the garage until next…

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In the garden, October

The garden now

The yellow fever has drifted in over the garden. I’m happy for as long as it lasts, a couple of weeks at least. The summer is but a memory but the garden actually feels warmer as soon as the plants shift from green to a warm, embracing yellow and rusty…

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Bulbs & Tubers, In the garden, October

Winter storage for dahlias

Right now I’m lifting dahlias one after the other. Firstly the ones that have done their bit. Many are still in bloom and I’m struggling with taking them away. Up till the first frost appears most of the ones that still look nice get to stay outside in their pots….

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Bouqets & Decorations

Flowers in October

With one foot still in the summer, it’s nice that there has been no frost yet. And it’s still possible to put together bouquets. And it actually became sunny today when I had a day in the garden. And that it’s still possible to feel the pulse from the garden,…

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Bulbs & Tubers, Pots

Bulbs in pots

It is not at all difficult to plant bulbs in pots and I plant quite a few, especially tulips. This year I’m not going to dare to plant tulips in the flowerbeds at all due to not wanting to feed the voles.  Last winter they devastated a big flowerbed and…

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Bouqets & Decorations, In Season & Plants

Edible bouquet

Red chard, dill crowns, creamy coloured marigolds, purple basil, leaves from celery, beautiful bean pods, some squash flowers and a couple of branches with aronia berries. An edible bouquet in other words. Love that. I’m emptying most of the vegetable path and taking the opportunity to do make something with it for…

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Books & Pearsons, Nurseries & Garden Centers

Kniva Trädgård / Kniva Garden

When opportunity, a pinch of luck, a slumbering dream and two green souls meet, something like the Kniva Garden can emerge. 2½ years ago, when Andreas and André were in the process of moving from Stockholm, there was a pull from the area around Falun where André comes from. You…

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