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Trädgård är livslust, kreativitet, energi, vila och friskvård.

Gardening is lust of life, creativity, energy, rest and well-being.


Hej! Jag heter Charlotte Andersson och bor i södra norrland.

Här kommer du hitta det mesta som har med trädgård och blommor att göra.


Hi! My name is Charlotte Andersson and I live in the northern part of Sweden.

I love gardens and flowers and here you will find all sorts of things related to a life with a garden.


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Bouqets & Decorations

Tulips from the garden

To be able to pick a bouquet of your own tulips is a luxury every year it is possible. I’ts not every year you want to cut tulips from the borders, but sometimes you manage to pick one here and one there without it’s beeing noticed. The bouquet consists of tulips…

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In the garden, June

Nuances of green

Between spring and summer, Bird Cherry and Lilac (it’s late this year). Budding, gossamer, light and irresistible. There is no need for anything else right now. The oak is in its lime green stage, the pansies are at their most beautiful and the Dahlias are awaiting the warmer weather. Allium…

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Fixed and replanted ‘vole bed’

The infested flowerbed is now dug up, re dug and re planted. When it came down to it, it turned out that most of the plants survived although there were also some big losses. On the other hand it is not certain that they would have survived for long if…

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It started with a couple of normal Helleborus Niger when they became easy to get hold of as a flower for Christmas. Pretty quickly the desire for all the oriental ones came and since then I have added more and more new ones every spring. I actually think I can’t…

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May is usually a divided month, even though ‘May’ as a whole has a magical shimmer over it that is longed for in the darkness of winter, like a desperate parched person in the desert looking for water. In April the first careful steps are taken towards spring, with emphasis…

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Maria’s design

An eye for good taste. Calm, harmonious and simple. Thought through, long term and contemporary. Yes, that’s kind of how I would like to describe Maria Dremo Sundström’s, or ‘Maria på Almbackens’’ style when it comes to do with gardens. Maria and I have been blogging friends for many years,…

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Vole infestation

When your garden suffers from an infestation of voles it is easy to lose your spirit. Some years are called vole years when the infestations are massive. Some have constant issues with voles and some have it now and again. Depending on your situation regarding the extent of the infestation…

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In the greenhouse

In the greenhouse it looks like usual at this time a year. Just like it should. It is hard to fit everything in this 14 square meter greenhouse (it would probably still be lacking space even if it was 20 m2…) To make things easier the dahlias have been living…

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Inspiration spring gardens

So, this book… 375 pages full to the brim with the most beautiful spring, by Claus Dalby. I can’t recall how many times I have returned to it for inspiration. Besides a look into to Claus’ own delightful spring garden he has also visited a big number of other amazing…

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Bulbs & Tubers

Wine Eyed Jill

I took a complete chance on Wine Eyed Jill. Quite often it is difficult to see the proper colouration in the image on the package or online. I thought either it will be completely wrong or it will be a variety I’ll like. It is without a doubt one to…

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Borde Hill Garden

A sunny day in May a few years ago I visited Borde Hill Garden in Sussex, England. A cosy garden with charming greenhouses, beautiful buildings, grand views and hidden corners. Borden Hill Garden also has one of the world’s most extensive private collections of bushes and trees. The main building…

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Bulbs & Tubers, Plants

Allium Karatavienser

It has been a while since I had these small, low growing Allium Karataviense in the garden, or Bollök as they are called in Swedish. Last autumn I rediscovered them. And I am very happy about it. So far only the ones in pots are in bloom. It is the…

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