Trädgård är livslust, kreativitet, energi, vila och friskvård.

Gardening is lust of life, creativity, energy, rest and well-being.


Hej! Jag heter Charlotte Andersson och bor i södra norrland.

Här kommer du hitta det mesta som har med trädgård och blommor att göra.


Hi! My name is Charlotte Andersson and I live in the northern part of Sweden.

I love gardens and flowers and here you will find all sorts of things related to a life with a garden.


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The dahlia corner

In the corner of the house, the hottest place, I last year created a ‘Dahlia corner’ or a summer staircase for dahlias. It is odd that it took me so many years to realise that it is an ideal place for dahlias. Not only is it warm but also sheltered….

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Food & Baking

Family time friday

Family time on fridays has become one of the highlights of the week. When the children were younger there were recurring taco dinners, now it depends on where the mood takes us. Our children, that now both are young adults (19 and 21 years old) still spend the beginning of…

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August, Edible

Beets and beans

My edible repertoire tends to consist of cabbage, sugar snaps, mangold (chard) and lettuce. Occasionally carrots, courgettes and some kind of bean. However, since I don’t have very much space for a vegetable garden it does not become more than that.  It has been a long time since I planted…

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Bouqets & Decorations

Colour boost

Invigorating powerful colours are truly needed now that a new layer of white christmas has arrived outside. It is good for me in a way since I have to get into the right mood to write a christmas reportage. So for that reason it is a good thing but otherwise…

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Food & Baking

Beetroot smoothie with rhubarb and strawberries

Out of last years crop from the Beetroot ‘Bulls Blood’ I used not only use beets but also the leaves and stalks that ended up in a vegetable stir fry. The stuff that I didn’t use I chopped and froze, the stalks separately from the leaves, thinking it would be…

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Bulbs & Tubers

Dahlia ‘Dark Spirit’

The dahlia ‘Dark Spirit’ has flowers in the darkest of reds, almost black and with the same softness as a velvet curtain in an old cinema. With small perfect ball shaped flowers. A lot of retailers name them as ‘Ball dahlia’ or ‘Pompom’. Although according to the Swedish Dahlia society…

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Bulbs & Tubers

Dahlia ‘Cafe au Lait’

The dahlia Café au Lait has gained a well deserved popularity during the last few years. It actually feels like it has helped to make all Dahlias appreciated again, not only here in Sweden. Even Sara Raven describes Café au Lait as one of the most popular right now. I…

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Gränsfors pottery factory

A visit to Gränsfors pottery factory is like going to pottery heaven or paradise for pottery nerds. I am very lucky to live only 45 minutes away from this magnificent enterprise. It was in the early 1900’s that the pottery production was established and it now lives on through Nicklas…

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What gardens are about

We all do things differently, choose differently, like differently, are appealed to by different things and want things in different ways. Some like the playful and informal, others the regimented and austere. Some like a lot of colours together whilst others prefer a coordinated palette and some do not appreciate…

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