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Trädgård är livslust, kreativitet, energi, vila och friskvård.

Gardening is lust of life, creativity, energy, rest and well-being.


Hej! Jag heter Charlotte Andersson och bor i södra norrland.

Här kommer du hitta det mesta som har med trädgård och blommor att göra.


Hi! My name is Charlotte Andersson and I live in the northern part of Sweden.

I love gardens and flowers and here you will find all sorts of things related to a life with a garden.


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Bulbs in reused crockery

Chipped, cracked or crackled glaze. Reminiscence of life.Time that has passed. Food that has been cooked and eaten. Practical chores that have been done. Celebratory occasions. Washing up before the time of the dishwasher. Crockery, with the traces of time draped over them like jewelery, are like diamonds. You cannot…

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Favourite reading regarding bulbs & tubers

A recurring favourite read, both spring and autumn is ‘Lökar och Knölar’ written by Marie & Björn Hansson and also ‘Stora Tulpanboken’ by Susanne Rosén. I highly recommend these two books for anyone who has an interest in learning about bulbs and tubers. Both books contain a general section and…

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About the garden

About the garden

The garden, as it looks today, has been achieved through the last seven years. We have lived in our house for 20 years but at first there were house renovations & life with small children that had took our time and commitment, the garden had to wait. I think I…

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Bulbs & Tubers

‘White Perfection’

A delightful all white Dahlia is White perfection. It’s flowers are just as big as the Café au lait ones and belong to the same variety. It is very nice as a cut flower and makes a bouquet full quickly. It also has a given place as a single flower…

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Nurseries & Garden Centers

Petersham Nurseries

In Richmond, south west of London lies a pearl. Petersham Nurseries. I had heard a lot about this place. A few years ago, in connection to the Chelsea flower show, we rented a car and headed out on a roadtrip. The first stop was the Petersham Nursery. You can get…

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It is not possible to predict when the snow will come nowadays. It can be extra early, very late or not at all. I would prefer to not have any at all. On the other hand it is necessary to protect the garden from the bitter cold. Around here it…

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‘Crocus Rose’

Crocus (Emanuel) is a repeat flowering rose bred by David Austin. In my garden it blooms in the late summer and early autumn, most likely due to its half shaded spot. An incredibly beautiful rose with a colour that is hard to describe. Mr Austin classifies it as yellow but…

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Bulbs & Tubers

Winter Aconite

Here, the time of spring bulbs indoors is like a substitute for spring that will still take several weeks, sometimes months to come. The wait is merciless. I have always wanted a piece of lawn somewhere in the garden to elude winter. I don’t know how many years it has…

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Last years dark tulips

I have always been extra delighted by dark purple tulips (sometimes called black). In preparation for last year’s tulip season I felt the need for a bit of a change and added more of the dark red ones to the purple that I always plant. The reddest of them was…

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Bouqets & Decorations

Spring feeling in small vases

Generous and grand bouquets have their own realm of experience, luxury and grandeur. Flowers in small displays can be just as enchanting. A branch of  fragrant mimosa, a few grape-hyacinths, a ranunculus or a tulip together with some branches of green in its simplicity.  Sweet minimalist bouquets and sheer elegance….

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When the first frost catches you unawares, as it always does, the garden is in full bloom and could have stayed that way for several more weeks. My goal is always to do my utmost to prolong the season by doing anything possible from having early flowering plants to those…

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