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Bulbs & Tubers

Winter Aconite

Here, the time of spring bulbs indoors is like a substitute for spring that will still take several weeks, sometimes months to come. The wait is merciless. I have always wanted a piece of lawn somewhere in the garden to elude winter. I don’t know how many years it has…

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Last years dark tulips

I have always been extra delighted by dark purple tulips (sometimes called black). In preparation for last year’s tulip season I felt the need for a bit of a change and added more of the dark red ones to the purple that I always plant. The reddest of them was…

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Bouqets & Decorations

Spring feeling in small vases

Generous and grand bouquets have their own realm of experience, luxury and grandeur. Flowers in small displays can be just as enchanting. A branch of  fragrant mimosa, a few grape-hyacinths, a ranunculus or a tulip together with some branches of green in its simplicity.  Sweet minimalist bouquets and sheer elegance….

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When the first frost catches you unawares, as it always does, the garden is in full bloom and could have stayed that way for several more weeks. My goal is always to do my utmost to prolong the season by doing anything possible from having early flowering plants to those…

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It was not until their 150th anniversary that I managed to go to Sofiero. For a northerner it is quite a way to go. The weather turned into a warm midsummer heat wave and it became an amazing visit. A wonderful garden and many gardening friends with lots of hugs….

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A Wreath of Eucalyptus

I do not believe there is a more beautiful wreath for indoor use. Eucalyptus dries and stays nice for a long time. All you need is a sizeable bunch of Eucalyptus, a simple steel wire armature and some nice cotton yarn. The wreath looks good outdoors as well. In the…

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Bouqets & Decorations, In Season & Plants

Hyacinths in tin cans

After christmas I stock up on Hyacinths in the sales. When you want a feeling of spring then pink is the right colour. It does not matter to me if they have bloomed, since I treat them as cut flowers with a bulb. The soil and roots tend to be…

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