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Trädgård är livslust, kreativitet, energi, vila och friskvård.

Gardening is lust of life, creativity, energy, rest and well-being.


Hej! Jag heter Charlotte Andersson och bor i södra norrland.

Här kommer du hitta det mesta som har med trädgård och blommor att göra.


Hi! My name is Charlotte Andersson and I live in the northern part of Sweden.

I love gardens and flowers and here you will find all sorts of things related to a life with a garden.


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It was not until their 150th anniversary that I managed to go to Sofiero. For a northerner it is quite a way to go. The weather turned into a warm midsummer heat wave and it became an amazing visit. A wonderful garden and many gardening friends with lots of hugs….

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A Wreath of Eucalyptus

I do not believe there is a more beautiful wreath for indoor use. Eucalyptus dries and stays nice for a long time. All you need is a sizeable bunch of Eucalyptus, a simple steel wire armature and some nice cotton yarn. The wreath looks good outdoors as well. In the…

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Bouqets & Decorations, In Season & Plants

Hyacinths in tin cans

After christmas I stock up on Hyacinths in the sales. When you want a feeling of spring then pink is the right colour. It does not matter to me if they have bloomed, since I treat them as cut flowers with a bulb. The soil and roots tend to be…

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