November, Pots

Secured pots in the greenhouse

If it wasn’t enough that the voles have eaten most of the bulbs in the garden, the bulbs in pots in the greenhouse aren’t even left alone. However, I believe that mice are responsible for the greenhouse pots. Already when the pots with spring bulbs were put there earlier this…

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Bouqets & Decorations, In Season & Plants


In the light of the winter’s frost and also the darker winter grey weather, anemones are fantastic. Filled with life and freshness, they are just what you need on a frost glistering or rainy day at the end of November. Winter luxury with touches of spring. Just a few branches…

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November, Talks

Frozen leaves and slow steps in November

With slow steps it is easier to see details and changes. See that which suddenly changes to a piece of natural still life from one day to the next. Frozen leaves and petals have a tendency to become autumnal jewels and you have to go slowly forward to find the…

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