November, Pots

Secured pots in the greenhouse

If it wasn’t enough that the voles have eaten most of the bulbs in the garden, the bulbs in pots in the greenhouse aren’t even left alone. However, I believe that mice are responsible for the greenhouse pots. Already when the pots with spring bulbs were put there earlier this…

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Fixed and replanted ‘vole bed’

The infested flowerbed is now dug up, re dug and re planted. When it came down to it, it turned out that most of the plants survived although there were also some big losses. On the other hand it is not certain that they would have survived for long if…

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Vole infestation

When your garden suffers from an infestation of voles it is easy to lose your spirit. Some years are called vole years when the infestations are massive. Some have constant issues with voles and some have it now and again. Depending on your situation regarding the extent of the infestation…

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