A new edition of Elisabeth Svalin Gunnarson’s book about Dahlias, from 2010 has just been released. Here you can read about everything from the interesting history of the Dahlias, the varieties and botany to cultivation advice, pests and diseases. The Dahlias have finally become popular and appreciated again after being classed as an old lady flower for many years. There truly is a Dahlia for every taste, that is probably the reason why it has come back again. I also believe that there is an appeal in being able to save and reuse the tubers. It feels right and healthy insted of bying cut summer flowers that have a wear and tear feel to them. The fact that the tubers are not expensive also makes it ok for those who do not have the possibility to store them through the winter to treat them as annual flowers.

 If you are interested to know more about Dahlias then this book is for you!

 The book can be found HERE