Plants that have been bought but not yet planted are so rewarding to ‘pause’ in pots and put out on display. But also plants that have been dug up, split or are surplus to requirements should have their given place in pretty pots instead of being put in hidden corners in their wait for growth or to be planted out.

Aster pyrenaeus ‘Lutetia’

Some new, some old, some dahlias and ‘verbena bonariensis’.
All mixed, the new with what was already here.

Bistorta Amplexicaulis ‘Rosea’. Soon in a flowerbed but for now in a pot. I really like all varieties of Bistorta, they also thrive here since the soil is strong and holds the moisture well. I will also get the Bistorta ‘Firetail’. The colour scale that the Bistorta has, shifting between pale pink/rust pink and dark red suits perfectly in my garden.

Pompom dahlia ‘Lipoma’

Ferns are amazing.


Dahlia that started flowering only a bit more then a week ago.

The outdoor furniture gets to stay outside still and the pots as well. Depending on how the weather gets, for a week or so more. Before it freezes the Bistorta and the Aster will be dug down, the Dahlias brought in, the Auriculas will over winter in pots outside, I have not yet decided what to do with the Fern and unfortunately I don’t have a good spot for the Verbena to spend the winter. The Ivy on the topiary ball will stay outside this winter (may be taken into the greenhouse)

Pots from Gränsfors Blomkruksfabrik, Whichford Pottery and Yorkshire flowerpots