In April it is about the snow melting (goal no.1). Then it is about the ground becoming diggable (goal no.2). After that the goal is for the garden to waken to life and shoot its life signs out through the ground. Like small islands in an ocean of last years leaves and dried plant parts crocus, snow drops,  winter aconite, scillia and the earliest winter roses bloom. As soon as the weather allows and it’s possible I start tidying the winter away and revealing  the small flowering bulbs so that they get full freedom. Shooting peonies sometimes get a protective layer over them. I have experienced the cat accidently destroying the little shoots. And that you don’t want. It is difficult every time to believe that all the naked soil will in a few weeks be an abundance of flourishing plants. Nothing to do but wait for the warmth and preferably a couple of rainstorms, and then all will be fine.

Newly awoken garden

Breathtaking christmas roses

The dahlias are potted at the beginning of April, at the latest.

More about that and the care of dahlias HERE.

Spring pots

When the garden hasn’t got started yet I want to make it lush and green with pots with bulbs, pansies, christmas roses and other goodies that can take a few minus degrees. The last few years quite a few pots and buckets have been planted with bulbs in the autumn to make a head start on spring time a bit earlier.


April in the garden

The flower beds are cleared from leaves and dried plant parts.
The leaves are raked together.
If there is dry weather the flower beds are watered
If there are any new projects planned they are started now to be finished during the month of May.
The Dahlias are potted and stored in the greenhouse.
Repotting seedlings + planting late seeds in the greenhouse.
Now the little bulbs are blooming and the early christmas roses.
The first small bouquets can be picked.
Pots with forced tulips and other bulbs are taken outside if the weather permits.
Spring pots with pansies, christmas roses and other frost resistant plants are planted and put outside.
The garden furniture is put out.
I come to life.