A sunny day in May a few years ago I visited Borde Hill Garden in Sussex, England. A cosy garden with charming greenhouses, beautiful buildings, grand views and hidden corners. Borden Hill Garden also has one of the world’s most extensive private collections of bushes and trees. The main building dates back to 1598 and the garden was created in the beginning of the 20th century with plants from the great collectors that travelled around the world. We were lucky enough to have the garden almost to ourselves on our visit. It is alway a special experience and gives a sense of closeness compared to when there are a lot of other visitors as well.

I find that statues can both add something and feel obsolete. These two were so beautifully placed in the garden. The carefully chosen placement gives the interpretation and experience of them an extra depth.

Many charming environments and details.

One of the many special trees, a magnificent Magnolia. Magnolia Obovata.

“Found in eastern Russia and Japan. Scented flowers (usually out of reach) are produced in June an July. In japan the timber is used for furniture and cabinet work. This tree is a champion for trunk girth.”

I would love to go back to see the summer flora.
More information about the garden and photos HERE.