For a celebration; my mother turned 70 years old a few weeks back. Flowers belong to birthdays, especially when it is even numbers, but otherwise as well. Flowers and cake. A cup with snowdrops (if there had been any emerged when it was her birthday) would of course have been just as nice to celebrate with as this huge confection. I try to take every chance I get to arrange all the bouquets to be given away myself. ’Cause it’s so darn fun. Of course now that the garden is awakening the homegrown ends up in them  first hand. The dream would be to have more and better space to grow cut flowers. Where you don’t have to think of how it looks. The properly sunny locations are already taken here. But I’m thinking so hard you can hear it  haha.. and am hoping for a solution.

Apricot, pink, orange and yellow.
Strong, but still soft and smooth together.
Colours that make you happy.