Chipped, cracked or crackled glaze. Reminiscence of life.Time that has passed. Food that has been cooked and eaten. Practical chores that have been done. Celebratory occasions. Washing up before the time of the dishwasher. Crockery, with the traces of time draped over them like jewelery, are like diamonds. You cannot find them mass produced. Each and every unique piece has its own hidden history. The sheer knowledge that a well used piece of crockery has miraculously survived through the years and finally ended up on a remote dusty second-hand shelf is not only fascinating, it is soothing and gives an anchoring in time. Worn crockery that is delightful to have spring bulbs in. Or anything. Repurposing in the prettiest way. Bargain crockey with unchipped glaze and that is otherwise sound I do use on a regular basis in the kitchen. Everyday dinners that are served on beautiful plates or in bowls from delightful tableware series of different kinds with colours and patterns, gives that extra special setting. A way to get a touch of glamour around every meal, from simple to extravagant.

It truly is good that no one in our family is allergic to fragrances when the intense and refreshing scents of Hyacinth and Narcissus sweep through the house in around February when the longing for spring time is the greatest.