Invigorating powerful colours are truly needed now that a new layer of white christmas has arrived outside. It is good for me in a way since I have to get into the right mood to write a christmas reportage. So for that reason it is a good thing but otherwise I do wish it would melt away now. It is this time of year that I get the urge to emigrate. To Skåne (south of Sweden). By March every year, I know all the for sale ads for country houses on hemnet (a Swedish real estate site) It has almost become tradition. My husband has got used to it all and pretends to get interested in the lovely homes I find. Ah well, we have not moved yet and it is not likely to happen any time soon. Instead I dive into the colourful bouquets and dream of when the time comes for me to start with the years seedlings. This year it will be delayed more than usual due to a holiday trip but that is ok. It is different every year.

More is more.

Antidote to a returning winter.