The dahlia Café au Lait has gained a well deserved popularity during the last few years. It actually feels like it has helped to make all Dahlias appreciated again, not only here in Sweden. Even Sara Raven describes Café au Lait as one of the most popular right now. I fell head over heels for it a few years ago and since then it has been a recurrent favourite every summer. It is the soft colour palette that varies from flower to flower that is so seductive.

Café-au-Lait seems to be everyone’s current favourite dahlia, with huge, pillowy flowers in the perfect colour kombinations – anything from rust, to pink, to ochre, to blues. Florists are obsessed with this.

Sara Raven

  • Group : Decorative
  • Hight : approx. 1 metre
  • Size of flower: Dinnerplate size, approx. 20 cm.
  • Colour: Ranges from pale apricot and cream to light pink.