You don’t need a lot of flowers and green material to make beautiful table decorations. With just at branch of wax flower and eucalyptus, a few chrysanthemums (I used three), a handfull of green moss and oasis I recently made two flower arrangements for candles and a couple of small vases with the left over material.

I used an old cake form with a hole, perfect when a candle is suppose to be in the middle. The form was first filled with soaked oasis and then covered with moss. Then short twigs of wax flower and eucalyptus were added and finally the chrysanthemum was placed.

A storm glass from an old and rusty lantern fitted perfectly in the hole.

A similar arrangement was made in a tall and slim sheet jar.

The left overs ended up in small vases. Used together with the candle decorations you have a complete set for a table setting.

Easy made and lasts for a long time.