Family time on fridays has become one of the highlights of the week. When the children were younger there were recurring taco dinners, now it depends on where the mood takes us. Our children, that now both are young adults (19 and 21 years old) still spend the beginning of the evening with us. I have to admit that the taco dinners still occur. I will also admit that if my husband and I have the evening for ourselves we tend to have a cheese board, hors dòuvres  and a glass or two of wine instead of a fancy cooked dinner. When I went to Gränsfors pottery factory last weekend I made a few nice finds. Amongst other things these glazed plant pot saucers. I immediately thought of side plates…Tonight it is them that are being set out with the cheese board and trimmings.

The side plates are plant pot saucers from Gränsfors.

Pretty and delicious with edible decor.

Blended sun dried tomatoes.

A mix that I always have in the fridge and that goes with and is tasty in almost everything is blended sun dried tomatoes. I put the tomatoes and the oil marinade in a blender and keep it on until it has become like a pesto. Sometimes I mix in even more olive oil, tomato purée and dried herbs such as oregano. It is very tasty in minced beef sauce, all kinds of vegetarian dishes, used as the tomato sauce on pizzas and simply as a flavour enhancer in all kinds of dishes, sauces and marinades. It has a long use by date if kept in the fridge.

A simple addition to brie cheese and tasty hor dòuvres.

I rarely buy grapes nowadays but sometimes I find them in the shop counter, the organic ones.