The summer flowers on the summer cake tray make the cakes and biscuits sweeter, the feeling more summery and the mood happier.

A good base to put on the bottom of the cake tray are Dwarf Lady’s mantle’s flower stems, Baby’s breath, Hydrangea, all kinds of beautiful leaves.

All flowers that do not wither quickly (unless they wither beautifully) or are too big are useful.

Some examples of flowers I often use:
All kinds of buds and seed heads
Argentinian Vervain (Verbena bonairensis)
Lemon balm
Flowers from Hosta plants

To sprinkle rose petals over the cake/biscuits is simple and beautiful.

When fall arrives there’s lots of beautiful material to use.

I tend to use a tray when I gather decorations material. It’s making it easier when your putting the flowers together later.

A few flowers also do the trick. You needn’t ‘go all in’ every time of course..