A visit to Gränsfors pottery factory is like going to pottery heaven or paradise for pottery nerds. I am very lucky to live only 45 minutes away from this magnificent enterprise. It was in the early 1900’s that the pottery production was established and it now lives on through Nicklas Bergström (a fourth generation potter) and Elisabeth Engberg. I do not believe I’m exaggerating when I say that the pots from Gränsfors are the most talked about and classic pots we have in Sweden.

The pots are made in the same traditional way they were made 150 years ago.

The clay is collected from a field nearby.

The typical red terracotta colour that the pots have is due to the high iron content in the clay and it shows after the firing.

The pots also come in several beautiful glazes that can be seen as stunning jewels in the windows. I am most fond of the patina that the unglazed pots get after a few years. Patina that you can’t buy but needs to be waited for and then enjoyed like a fine wine.

Gränsfors pottery is situated about 50km south of Sundsvall, in Bergsjö and has a factory outlet (check out their facebook page for opening hours). The majority of their pots are sold at retailers over the whole of Sweden.