The month when spring properly got going with all the tulips and summer time carefully took over the garden. The warmth shone with its lack of presence for most parts, but believe it or not it has all just about caught up. Summer is here and I can feel it all the way into my soul. Like a kind of deliverance and a sense of reaching the finish line.

June is purple

In June the garden is floating in purple thanks to all the alliums and the geranium phaeum ‘Samobor’ that have self-seeded here and there. Some might find it a problem and it could be of course. I’m mostly just happy about it. I love that geranium which is just as pretty after the big blooming phase is over, thanks to its dark blotched leaves. Its white sister hardly self-seeds at all. Fascinating how different it can be. I have also procured a Geranium with violet flowers.

The midsummer solstice

Around midsummer and the midsummer solstice I find it difficult not to pull an all-nighter. (Swedish youth call it ‘dygna’) It is like I just have to experience the light days to their max when they are finally here, and like a contrast to the darkness of winter. To experience the sun that rises again after you’ve hardly noticed it setting, the garden that gets lit up and daylight appears although it is in the middle of the night. That gives me an important energy boost every year.

Verbascum phoeniceum  ‘Souther Charm’ – Purple mullein

The white flower bead, that is equally green, has finally got started.

In June blooms:
Geranium phaeum – Brunnäva ‘Alba’
Lupinus polyphyllis – Lupin ‘Gallery White’
Allium ‘Mount Everst’
Geranium sylvaticum ‘Alba’ – Vitt midsommarblomster – Wood cranesbill
Geum rivale ‘Album’ – Vit Humbleblomster – Water avens
Alchemilla mollis – Jättedaggkåpa – Lady’s mantle
Centaurea Montana ‘Black spirit’ –  svart Bergklint – Cornflour
Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’ – Dvärgsyren – lilac
Polygonum bisorta – Stor ormrot

The last pansies is replaced with lavender and sown summerflowers.

The White bachelors buttons (Ranunculus aconitifolius ‘Flore Pleno’) is one of the early summers prettiest with all it’s dahlia looking miniature flowers that float on sturdy branches.

I am so happy that the white steppe lily (Eremurus himalicus) survived the winter and is blooming. It is not as hardy here which just shows how much the microclimate matters. I am crossing my fingers that it survives another winter.