I have always been extra delighted by dark purple tulips (sometimes called black). In preparation for last year’s tulip season I felt the need for a bit of a change and added more of the dark red ones to the purple that I always plant. The reddest of them was the ‘Jan Reus’. I do think that it made a good combination with the more purple toned ones.

Here it is ‘Jan Reus’ that has the biggest and reddest flowers. ‘Ronaldo’ with the medium sized flowers and ‘Indeland’ with the pointed shaped flower.

Together with the dark tulips are the white and proud ‘Maureen’ that is a reoccurring tulip for many years. Other white ones are the ‘Spring Green’, ‘Double Maureen’ and ‘Exotic Emperor’ for example.

You cannot but love the ‘Black Hero’- What an outstanding tulip. Blooms for a long time, withers beautifully (dries without turning brown), returns and keeps well in a vase.

‘Black Hero’, ‘Jackpot’, ‘Maureen’

Most tulips do not bloom until the end of May in my garden. Enjoying the buds until then.