Pots with moss are so clever and beautiful. You can have them with or without detail on. How I did this: First the low pot was filled with soil, I fill so it has a rounded shape on top. Cushion moss was then laid directly on the soil and watered. A couple of strands of ivy back and forth over the moss kind of over the joint completed the base. On this you can now add details. And change them out. The moss will hold all through the winter of course and the ivy for a long time as well, at least till Christmas but could last all winter as well. I started by adding a few of the last dahlias, as long as the temperature does not go below zero they will last for several days out in the cool autumn temperatures. When the dahlias have done their job it is easy to replace them with rosehips, aronia berries, small cones or other similar things. Or nothing. The ivy and moss is enough on its own. Nice on a table or some steps.

Perfect pot arrangements that are flexible and the basis lasts for a long time.

The flowers and buds are from the varieties ‘Jowey Mirella’, ‘Natal’ and ‘Dark Spirit’

After a night at a few degrees below zero.

Still beautiful.

See you!