In Richmond, south west of London lies a pearl. Petersham Nurseries. I had heard a lot about this place. A few years ago, in connection to the Chelsea flower show, we rented a car and headed out on a roadtrip. The first stop was the Petersham Nursery. You can get to it by train and bus as well I believe but it is a bit out in the sticks!!!!? I did not really know much about the place, part from the fact that a lot of famous chefs tends to make guest appearances at the restaurant, amongst others several from Sweden. That was basically the extent of my knowledge; there was a good restaurant there. The restaurant is even mentioned in the Michelin guide, which should say something about the quality..?

Cosy place in a bohemian style, a comfortable environment with a lot of inspiration.

Not much of a market-garden though. You can find more of furnishings, both for indoor and outdoor but of course some garden related items as well. A lot of statues, big urns and vintage furnishings. Not a place to go to for your plant shopping, although I did manage to leave with a basketful, which is something I almost always succeed with in places that sell plants. No, this is a place you go to for the restaurant (you will need to book a table) or to shop for furnishings and a general boost of inspiration. There is a cafè as well, which is where we ended up since we had not booked a table…

A very nice place to go to for a day out. Highly recommended.