Pumpkins and seed heads. Two beautiful things. I always used to grow decorative pumpkins, well also edible pumpkins. Nowadays I take a trip to the garden centre for the obligatory armful of pumpkins that are so important for the autumn feel and so hard to be without. In the garden there are a lot of other things to use instead for delightful platter decorations.  Wilting sunflowers and seed heads from Martagon lilies are the favourites right now. They don’t even have to dry; instead I cut them green just as often, or when they have been beautifully coloured by colder nights. The urge to collect the beauty from the garden and make something out of it is getting bigger and maybe it isn’t strange considering all the material that is available now.

It is not necessary to have great floristry talents to piece together odd seed heads and small pumpkins on a dish to make decorations that breath autumn. I like that. The things that are quick and do not require materials other than the greenery. The principle is to stack on top of each other and fill in the holes.

I have to admit I sow the sunflowers almost solely to have as material when they are wilting.

Pumpkins in orange are lovely too, but the green ones last longer after all.

Nice with decoration material that lasts.

A serving platter with a foot is very suitable here. HERE as a cheese tray.
I have several of this specific platter in different shades of green.

Seed heads from Marathon lilies are irresistible. Just as beautiful now as when they have dried. Keeps forever. Often I use them for the advent candleholder for Christmas too.

See you.