I am very happy to rescuing the left over hyacinths from the shop shelves. I have never understood why so many only connect hyacinths with Christmas here in Sweden (maybe in other countries as well?) when they are primarily a spring flower, which has a long season as a forced bulb indoors throughout the winter. A lot of the time there are a lot of rickety stalks that have grown tall and are just waiting to get away from the shops.

Tall steamed ones is really perfect for cut.

It is now that it is possible to splash out. Of course you can’t be the least sensitive to strong smells.

I tend to save blue and pink ones because they feel more like spring through their colour more than the white. And it tends to be the more colourful ones left in the shops. This time I cut them all from their bulbs to be used in vases but I don’t always do that. HERE and HERE you can see what I did with some ones last year.