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To have and to use Joraform’s rotating hot compost is a delight. We have now tried the quick process; from the first food waste being put into chamber number one to me just now emptying the very same chamber of composted material, soil. The whole process took about 3-4 months. I would say tops 3 months really, might even have been quicker. The fully composted material is plump and loose and fills a whole wheelbarrow.

The first time I came across this special composter was at Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago. I became completely fascinated by its clever construction. And so user friendly, quick and solid it was. At that point I did not know it was a Swedish company that was behind the production. Now that we have had the composter through the whole process I can without a doubt warmly recommend it! Here are the reasons why in short:

  • Clever and sustainable construction in metal and with thick insulation.
  • Easy to use and with an ergonomic design.
  • Comes in three sizes and can even be used on a balcony.
  • Quick process. In about 3-4 months the first chamber has finished composting and can be emptied simply by putting a wheelbarrow or a container underneath.

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Joraforms hot composter bins are made out of a 100% reusable material. The main structure is made out of metal and has a 5cm thick polyethylene foam insulation. It is a closed system and rodent safe. There are vents on the sides where fresh air is drawn in whilst the compost is rotated which gives the important oxygen and stops bad smells. The compost bin is on a stand for simple use. There is an alternative wall mount.


JK125 can handle 1.4 – 1.7 litres per day. Suitable for households with 3-4 people
JK270 can handle 3.5 – 4.3 litres per day. Suitable for households up to 6 people
JK400 can handle 10 – 15 litres per day. Suitable for households with 10-12 people

How does it work?

The compost bin has two chambers or containers. First one fills up and when it is full it is left to mature and the other compartment gets used. When the latter is full the first one will be done and ready to be emptied. Since the composter is on a stand it is easy to empty the soil into a wheelbarrow or something else later.

Method of use

  1. Depending on which size of composter you have it can cope with different amounts of kitchen waste. We have the middle size (JK270) that can take up to 4.3 litres per day. See above regarding sizes!
  2. For every litre of kitchen waste you need to ad about 10cl of wood pellets to create a balance between the wet and dry material. We keep the pellets in a jar in the kitchen and add them directly into our compost bucket before we empty it in the composter.
  3. Empty your waste and pellets into the composter and rotate it so that the wet and dry materials will mix and air will come in through the side vents. If the material is extra wet it can be rotated more often.

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What can I compost?

Food leftovers
Meat, fish, egg (even small bones)
Vegetables, fruit, root vegetables
Bread and biscuits
Coffee grounds and tealeaves
Withered flowers from vases and pots
Kitchen paper and serviettes (un-dyed)
Sawdust from pets

What can not be composted?

Chewing gum
Fluids, milk etc
Vacuum cleaner bags
Cat litter
Cigarette butts and snus (a form of snuff used commonly in Sweden. Basically, any tobacco waste – ed.)
Any kind of plastic
Envelopes and printed paper
Milk and juice cartons
Rubber bands
Aluminium foil and other metals
Impregnated or painted wood
Ash, lime or soil

How quick is it?

The first chamber takes about 6-8 weeks to fill depending if it is filled to its maximum capacity or not. The chamber is full when there is about 5 cm left to the edge. When the first chamber is filled the temperature continues to be high and the composting process carries on whilst chamber number two is being filled. When chamber two is full, chamber one is finished. This takes about 12-16 weeks. To speed up the process you can cut the kitchen waste into smaller pieces before it gets put into the composter.

After 1 month

This is what it looks like inside the composter after about 1 month. It is full of micro life and the decomposition is at full speed. We have not filled to its maximum capacity every day since we have been away quite a bit. The whole family is really fascinated over how quick the decomposition is and how easy it is to use. It does not smell and when you stick your hand into it you can feel the warmth from the process.

More information about distributors HERE

The winter?

The composter has a thick insulation layer and can take the cold. In severe cold conditions you can put a hot water bottle in if needed.

To keep in mind

  • To always add soak material (about 10cl per litre of waste) – ordinary wood pellets are recommended.
  • Use one chamber at a time so that the process can proceed as intended.
  • Rotate the composting bin every time new waste is added.
  • Don’t add waste that is to wet as this can create odours.
  • Don’t allow the material in the composting bin to get too dry. Don’t add too many pellets at a time. The process can stop if it gets too dry.
  • Notify your council that you have a hot compost bin, (In Sweden)

Easy to get a balance between dry and wet

Since I am a beginner when it comes to hot composting I wondered if it would be difficult to find the right balance between wet and dry in the composting bin. Now after using Joraforms composter for about a month I can say that it is not hard at all. By following the instructions regarding not adding fluids directly into the composting bin and to add about 10cl of pellets per litre of waste you automatically get a good balance. Of course everything you put in will always have different levels of  ‘wetness’ and if the waste has been very dry I have taken less of the pellets and equally if it has been too wet I have added a bit more, but in general 10cl per litre has been put in without adaptation.

Soil after about 3 months


I have nothing else but superlatives to say about Joraforms rotating compost. It is working beyond expectations.
I truly recommend everyone that is thinking of getting a composter to choose one from Joraform.