When the snow has melted away the true star perennials are still standing in the flower beds, as if the winter has not bothered them at all. Although dried, they have straight backs and strong form. At my place the star troupe consists of Astilbes, different varieties of grass, white mugwort, some veronicas and sedum (if they haven’t layed down), seed heads from corall lilies and anise hyssop. Now that it is time for tidying in the garden and time for clearing away from all the dry matter to make space for the new growth I still have difficulties getting rid of the most beautiful dried leftovers of winter.

White mugwort is a particularly beautiful perennial. Tall with sweet white flowers. Nice in a bouquet, both summer time and now after a long winter. It is white mugwort in a glass vase to the right.

   The remains from winter meets spring

Last years Astilbe, seed heads from martagon lily and some straws from different varieties of grass. Lovely together with daffodils and christmas roses that both can do with support.

Happy easter!

Hope you have some lovely days ahead of you! Weather here at my place will not be very cheerful with minus degrees and snow in the air. But, you just have to cope. Spring is here and it is still wonderful to be outside. You just have to choose the activity that keeps you warm. It’s good that we have a lot of leaves that need raking haha.. The alternative is to get busy in the greenhouse. There are things to do everywhere.