If it wasn’t enough that the voles have eaten most of the bulbs in the garden, the bulbs in pots in the greenhouse aren’t even left alone. However, I believe that mice are responsible for the greenhouse pots. Already when the pots with spring bulbs were put there earlier this fall, the mice (or the voles) were there and nibbled on the bulbs. To prevent it from continuing to happen, I tried if chicken net with meshes of 0,9 mm would be enough to keep them away from the goodies, and it actually seem to work.

All of the pots with net have so far managed to survive. I put net on all pots except for on the alliums, narcissi, hyacinths etc. With other words bulbs they shouldn’t nibble on, but they found those pots anyways. I ended up putting net on all of the pots, and since then the situation is good. Not one pot have had an unwanted visit, all are untouched. I almost can’t believe it’s true. It’s no doubt a bit crafty to cut all pieces of net, but totally worth it. For it to go faster to cut the net, I used plate shears. Hopefully this will continue to keep mice away so I can welcome Spring a few weeks earlier with lots of pots with flowering bulb. I’m crossing my fingers.