Gathering signs of spring. Some from the flower beds and some from newly acquired Christmas roses.


All the small things get seen.

The last of the snow has just melted away and the soil is diggable. It is mostly brown and still dry. Long grass from last year is swaying in the wind and the snowdrops have squeezed themselves through the thick cover of leaves from the apple trees. It is now that all the little ones get seen, all the buds and leaves. Every inch of growth is noted and I go round poking in all the corners and edges to get my bearings before trying to get my grip together and focus on getting something done. Easier said than done..

I have to say that Christmas roses are at the top of my list of favourite perennials.

I add more every year. There is still more room. I find them amazing with their rich variety of flowers and above all their early blooming. I value that espacially since the spring and the whole season is compressed up here. A flying start is important. Also the fact that they are just as beautiful afterwards as when they are mid blooming gives them extra golden stars.

Over bloomed Christmas roses to the left and in full bloom to the right. Both almost as pretty.