It is not possible to predict when the snow will come nowadays. It can be extra early, very late or not at all. I would prefer to not have any at all. On the other hand it is necessary to protect the garden from the bitter cold. Around here it can become around – 20 degrees in the winter and that makes it very possible for a lot of damage if the snow is not protecting everything. The first fluffy layer that comes is without a doubt very beautiful and makes everything brighter. That should not be underestimated in the winter darkness. But… emotionally I would rather have it darker and the garden closer, more open and accessible not covered with snow, no matter how protective it might be. Conflicting wishes that can’t be fulfilled unless I move to milder latitudes of course. Therefore I wish for snow and accept it.

I am torn between wanting to leave all the garden furniture out to give a sense of life and movement in the winter and to put them away for rational and practical reasons. Often I find a compromise. Most get put away but some are left out. It is worth the damage to it to be able to look out of the window on a cold day in February and reminisce about a breakfast outdoors on a summer’s day.

With a lot of snow comes many trips out to rescue first of all the clipped bushes from the snow that has settled on top.