In the corner of the house, the hottest place, I last year created a ‘Dahlia corner’ or a summer staircase for dahlias. It is odd that it took me so many years to realise that it is an ideal place for dahlias. Not only is it warm but also sheltered. Since the planting table has a shelf above it I created a staircase by putting a bench in front of it. The tiny Million bells (Callibrachoa) thrived as well like a fish in the water or like a cactus in the sun perhaps. From being a hard place to utilize due to the warmth it became an optimal one, not only just for dahlias, but also for summer flowers. My dream is to have an inbuilt flower staircase with more levels then I have achieved with my bench and planting table construction, so that I can better utilize the space as a flower staircase in the first half of the season before the dahlias starts to grow properly.

It became a nice jungle of dahlias.

Last year the Virginia creeper got it’s autumn colouring early.