The yellow fever has drifted in over the garden. I’m happy for as long as it lasts, a couple of weeks at least. The summer is but a memory but the garden actually feels warmer as soon as the plants shift from green to a warm, embracing yellow and rusty red. The yellow and the rust hold the other colours together in such a nice way. Several of the hosta plants have already given up and do not have the strength to stay upright, but a lot are still vigorous and a beautiful yellow. It is nice to have escaped the frost so far even though an early frost is an absolutely fabulous experience. I like autumn. In every way. I am extra delighted that the Actaea simplex had time to bloom. I smell them every day. One of this years milestones. Another one is the light nights around midsummer. The Japanese maple is on fire after the latest cold night. The frost is coming closer but so far we haven’t had any real frost in the garden. It’s probably the last couple of days for the dahlias anyway. Or, you never know.

Hoping for many sunny days in the rest of October.

See you!