The garden now at the end of September, in the north of Sweden. Still green with only a few yellowing Hostas and Daylilies so far. Hydrangea, Sanguisorba, Dahlia, Veronika, Clematis, Sedum, Echinacea purpurea,  Scabious, Aster, Astilbe, Aupatorium purpureum, Aconitum hemsleyanum, Bistorta, Artemisia lactiflora ‘Guizhou’, Agastache rugosa, Anemone hupaehensis, Salvia nemorosa, Helenium and a few roses are in bloom. Grass, swirling flower heads from Alum root, the bloomed spikes of the Salvia nemorosa floating between the green and the flowers and some early flowering perennials makes a thinner veil at this time of year. As long as the leaves from the oak and the birches are raked up continually autumn does not feel as imminent.  September is a good in between month where the summer lingers and autumn has not yet fully arrived. As long as the night frost is keeping away September is more of a summer month than an autumn one. Since I have chosen many late blooming plants and those that keep well the whole season the gardens stay flowery and sustainable usually through the whole of October. After that the withering takes a hold and autumn begins (that is nice too). If it gets cold it all goes quickly, otherwise it is a process that carries on for a while. It is gratifying to have some evergreens and perennials that dry beautifully in that case. But now is now. And now there is a great calm and a slow pace is clearly settling in the garden at the same time there are still a few small chores to get done. The perfect amount that gets you outside and refills the feel good factor. Shortly though there is time for a high-energy autumn sort out. All the dahlias are to be lifted and the pots are to be filled with bulbs instead. One of the check points in the garden calendar.

See you!

Can’t really believe it’s October in a few days..