In April when it is still mostly brown in the garden, I want nothing more than to help it ’bloom’ during the wait for the green clhorophyl fullness to take over. The splashes of colour that I am ’blooming’ with is firstly frost resistant christmas roses, bulbs and pansies. They are really needed in the weak coloured garden that has not yet got its wheels turning with life and colour. Crazy or not but yesterday I put on the first table cloth for the season. Thought it fitted the project ’Blooming’ I have a weakness for old table cloths. And new ones with feeling. I might be collecting. Table cloths and houseware. Often I become enchanted by the inspiring colours and pattern

Christmas roses make me  grateful.

Because they can withstand minus degrees, they are sturdy, bloom for a long time and are pretty in pots. The last few years I have got my self a whole bunch of new ones every year that first get planted in pots and then later into my  spring flower beds.

Most of them are oriental and without name.

As an early bloomer and sturdy perennial the christmas roses are excellent in a garden in the far north.

Now I’m just hoping the warmth will come and get all the green and beauty going.
That makes a garden a garden and gets the season going properly.