The last few years I have had my garden open for the public on Sundays during the summer. It has been a dream and so much fun to meet you all that have come by to visit the garden, have fika (a common practice in Sweden, ’fika’ is a small snack such as a piece of cake or a sandwich and usually coffee – ed.) and browse in the shop. I and we (my husband and son who also have worked during these Sundays) have been  suprised and sometimes overwhelmed that there have been so many of you. Last year about 400-800 every Sunday. For that we are humbly happy and grateful. Since we live on an ordinary  street with limited parking spaces I have tended to encourage everyone to walk or cycle, which many of you have. We had thoughts of solving it all by using the bottom part of the garden as the entrance instead. We have the plans for constructing a small house to facilitate the cafe and shop and the plans were drawn to keep it permanently open through the season. Already last year we realised that there were too many obstacles to be able to invest fully in such an enterprise. Mostly due to the remaining parking issues and the fact that we can’t build it as big as we would need to. In addition to that measures need to be taken to adapt the garden after repeated wear and tear from visiting feet. Due to this, as it looks right now, the garden will not be open as before. There will still be chances to visit for those who wish, but it will be a limited amount of occasions. Exactly how and when is not yet set. Information will be posted here, on FB and IG.

There will be possibilities to visit the garden on a limited amount of  occasions this summer. More information will come! The garden will not however be open as per previous years on Sundays.



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