White flowering dahlias are easy to have in any style of garden since white goes with everything. This year I’m trying a couple of new varieties. White dahlias, as most white flowering plants, has a disadvantage and that is they don’t wither beautifully. I’m solving that by deadheading them quicker than I do with other darker coloured dahlias.


A sweet pom pom dahlia which blooms first of all in my garden. I have hade for a couple of years now and it’s only one tuber in the basket. I really need to divide it this season.


A beautiful dahlia with a pale tone of violet in the flower. Unfortunately mislabeled as Snowstorm, which I don’t think it is.


A new variety for me last year. About 110 cm  high and also have a pale tone of violet in the flower, and yellow in the middle. Gets about 110 cm high. I liked this one.

‘Twynings after Eight’

Beautiful dark foliage and single white flowers. Becomes about 70-80 cm high, Loved by bumblebees, I guess because of the open flower.

‘White Perfection’

A true white dinner plate dahlia and could be an option to ‘Café au Lait’ if you want a pure white flower.

‘Café au Lait’

‘Café au Lait’ is not really a white dahlia, but close anyway. This star dahlia that have helped dahlias popular again is one of a kind. A soft dinner plate dahlia with pale beige-pink-apricot tone. It’s easy to like ‘Cafe au Lait’.

There is a dahlia för every ones taste 🙂