Here, the time of spring bulbs indoors is like a substitute for spring that will still take several weeks, sometimes months to come. The wait is merciless. I have always wanted a piece of lawn somewhere in the garden to elude winter. I don’t know how many years it has been that I have not got around to sorting out these little dropping-like bulbs to get that sought after mass effect of early sunbeams.

So far it has been sparse with that experience. I have made a handful of pre-planted ones in pots that have later been planted into a flowerbed.

Yes, not more than a few of these sets have there been through the years, until last autumn when I got going and planted a hundred of these lovelies.

They don’t look like much, just like many other spring flowering bulbs. The expectation is huge and I do hope they are comfy in the soil and will greet me with a golden yellow when the ground thaws so that I can yell a big: Finally!