Right now I’m lifting dahlias one after the other. Firstly the ones that have done their bit. Many are still in bloom and I’m struggling with taking them away. Up till the first frost appears most of the ones that still look nice get to stay outside in their pots. The only issue is that I need the pots for the tulip bulbs now… As always there will be a compromise between weather, time and the urge to keep autumn blooming for as long as possible. This year I have had more dahlias than usual so it is not as noticeable when the pots are disappearing one by one, instead it feels quite natural. My goal is to crash into the finish line with the dahlias, so it is the frost that brings them to an end with the bravura and glory that only the first beautiful frost can achieve.  Frosty flowers are among the most beautiful things there are even though it is sad as well.

Winter storage

When it comes to winter storage this year, I will keep them in a store that does not get as warm as our cellar (where I used to keep them before). The goal is to have a few degrees above zero in the store, not more, but not less either.  Most bulbs will be put in paper bags and stored on shelves. On each paper bag I will write the name of the specific variety. I will not wash the bulbs but will scrape away the majority of the soil.I used to store the bulbs in our cellar that really is too warm. Because of that I left most of them in their pots. The soil protects against dehydration if the storage space is too warm. The recommendation is to wash off the soil and put the bulbs into paper bags or peat, sand or something similar. But this is valid if they are being stored in a cool space (from 0 to about +9 degrees Celsius). That would not work in my cellar where it can get up to +15 degrees.

More about care of dahlias HERE

Go dahlias

It is really fun that dahlias seem to become more and more popular. Despite the fact that there are so many beautiful ones for each and every taste, they bloom an amazingly long time and are also perennials. You can’t get any better than that I think. Go dahlias!

‘Dark Spirit’ has become a favourite.

See you!